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L'Oréal France - Citizen day


Certified Shirts from Neutral for their annual "Citizen day" - where 5.000 employees throughout Europe gives one full of work to Charity. The volunteers are given a shirt that is organic, printed with water-based dye from a factory with a social plan for workers and part of  used water recycling scheme.

Charity Clean Oceans (Bondi)


Waverley College (NSW)

Waverley Bottle.jpg
  • Sustainable Choice; eliminating plastic bottles.

  • Sending out a strong environmental message to students, parents & staff by giving away reusable stainless steel bottles throughout school. 

  • Promoting the use of their water fountains.

  • Telling the "Story" to staff, parents & students with a clever bottleneck tag.

  • Deliberately opting for wrapping with tissue paper and recycled card board boxes (no plastic). 

Bondi Nippers 2018

Turning the Tide on Plastic

  • Certified organic and clean supply chain bamd Neutral clothing = show the world Clean Oceans goes all the way!

  • The question is always the same: who should pay? The user or - the environment & the workers in third world countries?

  • New season's sleeveless and longsleeved "made to measure" rashies.

  • Complete supply chain control with certified factory.

  • 50PF+ sun protection certification

  • On time & saving 50% budget by organising the supply chain.