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Certified Marketing

Your independent guarantee that everything is okay - Certified okay!

Making sustainable merchandise can be tricky.

With certificates it doesn't have to be. They guide us through the supply chain, from raw material to final product, telling us what's okay. Whether you are looking for social justice products (fairtrade), organic cotton, chemical free clothing and/or companies that actually do take their are environmental responsibility seriously - it has got to be documented!

Defined and monitored by external organizations, certification is the only way of making the most responsible merchandise we can. By applying harsh standards, we set objective criteria for the production of every single item we do for you.

Whilst showing you our Supply Chain guarantees - we also give you, for free, your CSR story - for you to create additional publicity possibilities.

Let the World know that you really mean it!


Because "every little" thing we do right helps us on the way:

- avoiding plastic and toxic chemicals.

- choosing to eliminate single use solutions.

- plant seeds of sustainability in our customers minds.

Become a Game Changer.

Make sure you use Merchandise with Integrity.